ILS Academy operates as an Innovative Learning Solutions Company


Who we are

ILS Academy operates as an Innovative Learning Solutions company providing digital content and assessment as well as professional development services to individuals, educational institutions and corporates. We believe learning is a lifelong journey that can happen anytime and anywhere, and thereby, we are dedicated to helping learners of any age enhance their capabilities as the global citizens of the rapidly changing world.

What we do

We, as ILS Academy, provide life-long learning opportunities and innovative learning solutions for individuals and institutions in Turkey with our expert trainers and partners having a leading role in the field of education. In this respect, as the exclusive Distributor of WEXT, we have a range of educational services for learners, teachers and corporates, such as face-to-face or distance teaching and assessment of English. In order to deliver the most efficient and the highest quality services to the institutions we are working with, we support this process with teacher trainings, professional and personal development programmes, seminars and conferences held by expert trainers.


To deliver innovative learning solutions to people for their personal, academic and professional development based on advances in technology and educational research.


To be the trusted learning solutions advisor combining the latest technology and research in the field of education.